• Getting Decorative Concrete Work Created by My Friend's Dad

    Stained concrete contractor Austin
    We've wanted to get decorative concrete for a long time now. My friend involved to her parents house and demonstrated the job her dad has done on his new garage. The floors appeared to be stone that is certainly when she explained they weren't, however they were concrete. I knew her dad owned a concrete company, however didn't know he could do work this way away from concrete. From on that day forward, I knew I desired to acquire this sort of work done on my small porch and also on my patio. I asked her what he charges and she told me. She declared that she could possibly work something by helping cover their him to get me a better price on it. She called me a couple of days ago and told me what however charge to do this task for me. She said he's busy also it will not be for awhile but he would do it for me personally. I know what exactly I would like and cannot wait to find the work done. I know he'll almost certainly perform a congrats onto it and I don't mind waiting for for that price I'm getting.
    decorative concrete contractor Austin

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